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Your Smile

Is Our Mission

One of the biggest targets of Berlin Dental Center is helping its patients to have better lives … Its time to end all major teeth problems with the most adequate solution. 


Latest Technology

We posses and the latest devices in digital dentistry as CAD/CAM full solutions.

Premium Location

Berlin Dental Center is an Egyptian center located in Cairo 10 mins from the Airport.

10 years warranty

We embrace conservative dentistry as our primary reference. 

Dental Implant / All on 4

Root Canal Treatment & Cosmetic Fillings

Kids Dentistry

Braces & Clear Aligners

Our academic experience and more than 50,000 hours of practical treatments

All bounded together with the German quality, will award you an ultimate quality of service beyond average.


A Beautiful Smile is Just a Visit Away

Choose Berlin Dental Center because we embrace conservative dentistry as our primary reference. We always reject quick, aggressive solutions.

We offer only the best-tailored treatment for each case with ultimate proficiency with 10 years guarantee on all dental services and lifetime guarantee on most of dental implants.


Expert Care Provided By An Experienced, Compassionate And Devoted Team.


  • PHD in Oral Medicine & Implantology, Ain Shams University.
  • Lecturer in Periodontology and Implantology Department at the British University in Egypt.


  • Member of the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh – MFDS RCSED.
  • Staff member in the British University in Cairo. 


  •  Master of Orthodontics – Al-Azhar University.
  • Orthodontist – Al Hussein University Hospital, Al-Azhar University.


Zero Karl
Zero Karl
Dr.Hassan is very professional in tooth extraction. The technology is very good, and I don’t feel any pain in the process.
Hashim Almusawa
Hashim Almusawa
سبق وان زرت العيادة مع اكثر من شخص وحقيقة ان الطاقم الطبي والدكاترة كلهم من ذوي الخلق وحسن العمل اشكرهم على هذا المجهود الرائع والخدمة المتميزة التي يقدموها
Wafa M
Wafa M
Berlin dental centre is exceptional ,it has positive work environment . Dr.Alhassan and his team made me feel comfortable at their hands. I am truly satisfied with the professional treatment, excellent nursing and quality medical care. I appreciate Dr.Alhassan skilful treatment , his personal touch & willingness to spend time with me explaining the diagnosis of my case and the treatment plan. I will never forget his words “I will add this case to my success story “ after finishing the dental implant surgery. I am so pleased with results of my surgery and proud to have an amazing personal doctors like Dr.Alhassan-Dr.Monicha-Dr.AbdulRahman.May Allah grant their success.
Highly recommend Berlin dental centre. The standard of care that they provide for their patients is fantastic. The office staff is also welcoming. The dentists: Dr Mark, Dr Alhassan and Dr Monica are very professional and very caring, I was always thoroughly impressed by their expertise, kindness and good sense of humour during my appointments. Great team work. I went to Egypt for a short visit and they were able to fit me in to get everything done on time. A special thank you to Dr Mark for being a truly spectacular dentist. I really appreciate all your support and duty of care. You and your team worked out of hours to ensure my satisfaction before flying back to Sydney. I can now smile with confidence and I have been receiving great positive comments. Thank you 🙏🏼
Aliah Martin
Aliah Martin
Firstly I want to say that moving from America to Egypt this office provided a great level of comfort that I am used to back in the states. They gave me excellent service from the moment I walked through the door! The staff were extremely friendly and welcoming the office was very clean and comfortable, Dr. Mark was very diligent in explaining everything to me and providing different options for my treatment plan. There was no language barrier which always helps a lot, I was able to be seen and had a tooth fixed in under an hour and the price for service was very reasonable! I recommend this office for dental work especially for those traveling or moving to Egypt who is looking for an awesome out of town dentist, or new dentist home. I usually don’t write reviews, and I hope this review helps others in their journey of seeking a good dentist office! after such great service I received yesterday, i definitely will be getting all of my future treatments done here God willing! Sn: I had to bring my little ones with me and the office staff was very accommodating and friendly with my children 🙂
I was suffering and had various issues with my teeth, from requiring crowns to implants. Living in UK and having multiple appointments with dentists from local to the ones based in Harley Street it seemed like a dream to have the work done on my teeth as I would require an additional mortgage. I started to look abroad specifically Turkey, every single dentist I contacted gave a quote and when I made my way there, the price would increase from 30% to 40% percent, where every excuse was used so I didn’t go ahead with it. Berlin Dental Center came as a recommendation and I was very optimistic, The difference between Berlin Dental Center and the others was very clear, The people I have spoken to were more concerned with my needs rather than making a quick buck. I had a total of 5 implants and 24 crowns, The care and professionalism shown was second to none by the whole team, Al Hassan, Al Dayab, Mark Makhlus. The Center is equipped with the latest equipment and the Hygiene is well above most dentist I have been to in London. The price I paid was 20% of what I was asked in UK and 50% of Turkey. Would I recommend them…. My brother is going in January to have his teeth done from UK as well as a family member from USA. Thank you once again for an exceptional service.
marwa reda
marwa reda
انا بشكور الدكتور الحسن على الشغل الجميل معاها ونظفت المكان كل الاحترام والتقدير
Jolley Uonan
Jolley Uonan
I Came from the US to fix a very big noticeable gap between my teeth with composite bonding and it was definitely worth it! I received the best treatment and care from all the doctors and staff. Mark is a amazing talented doctor who was able to make it all happen. Everything looks natural I couldn’t be happier with the results. Also, the place is very clean and neat. 100% recommend this to anyone who wants to go to a good professional dentist in Cairo!
AL Hassan AL s
AL Hassan AL s
من افضل العيادات الله يعطيهم العافيه. الدكتور الحسن. وخاصة الدكتورة روان. من افضل دكاترة الاسنان الي تعاملت مع بنتي. الف شكر. لجميع الطاقم
Amanda Bishay
Amanda Bishay
Berlin dental centre +20 106 966 0677, Thank you to Dr’s Al hassan, Mark, Karim, Monica & Mohamed.. who worked tirelessly & accomodated me in all hours of the night during my 2 weeks of holidays coming from Australia.. i had X-rays, dental implant, top & bottom verneers done.. they really took care of me & gave me exceptional service.. may god bless you & protect you u guys 🥰 Honestly I couldn’t recommend this dental clinic enough i didnt even feel any pain at all during the local anaesthetic.. 0 pain.. the best group of doctors, at the best & most affordable prices, highest international standards in infection control, with the best dental work, using the latest & most upto date equipment all this delivered as they welcome you with a warm & friendly smile.. honestly what more can you ask for.. check out there website & their 5 star reviews, you would be crazy to trust anyone else with your teeth.. Berlin Dental thank you for exceeding my expectations 😊
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