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We Are Providing The Best Services

We believe in providing top-quality, ethical care to patients. We’re here to make sure your visit to the dentist is pleasant and fun.


We master the treatment of cavities, removal of the decay and fill the tooth with most recent restorative materials and updated techniques. Fillings are tooth-colored that gives a natural look. Also we perform root canal treatment for badly decayed tooth in single visit for most cases with high proficiency.
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Dental Implant

Nowadays teeth implants are executed with the latest technologies in the Middle East, we can say it out loud that we’re one of the pioneers in this service in Egypt. Our experts have treated more than 500 cases in the last 10 years….
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Pediatrics Teeth Care

We always put children into consideration, we offer them extraordinary services without pain with our studied techniques to make their visit remarkable and try as much as possible to let them forget their fears or trauma from the dentist. All cases are cured with German quality and academic proficiency.
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Also, if you are suffering from any distortions in your front teeth, our magical conservative solution will replace your smile with another one only in a few minutes without pain, without losing your natural tooth. Your problem will be fixed permanently, instead of going back to the typical traditional Prosthodontics solutions.
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For some reason, people usually suffer from teeth miss alignment which causes them an annoying look and a terrible smile. Also in some cases, teeth miss alignment affects the teeth functionality and causes a tangible pain by time
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Teeth Whitening

Dreaming of having Hollywood smile? If your answer is yes, so Berlin Dental Center is your first choice, our experienced staff guarantees you an exceptional smile after bleaching. Our teeth whitening is executed on a scientific basis in order to maintain your teeth strength after the bleaching.
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Dental Crowns & Bridges

Sometimes the traditional Prosthodontic solutions (Fixed or removable) like the Bridge, crown or inlays are the best solution for some cases. As we mentioned before there’s no “one size fits all” in dentistry. Our solutions are executed with high proficiency and quality with German premium quality that offers you in some cases a lifetime guarantee
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Gum Treatment & Corrections

We treat the common gummy smile with our savvy solutions without any aggressiveness or easy solutions, we only use smart and high tech. techniques. Without any pain, you’ll replace your old smile with a new exceptional one. In addition, we cure any other complications related to gum health as our experts master the specialization of gum and oral health.
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